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In these Terms:

“Website” means https://yalla.academy

“You” “Your” or “Customer” means any person who visits our website or retains our services.

“We”, ”Me”  or “Company” means yalla.academy and/or Abughazali Consulting and Management Ltd.



This Website is specifically for offering academic online courses which includes live stream courses. 



The Client shall pay fees for the services provided on the website. The total price of Your order will be calculated after you complete filling out the order details form. This price will be based on the type of course the Client wants.

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Without derogating from any other provisions of these Term, this Section 11 establishes your refund and cancellation rights with respect to Subscriptions, Sessions, Mini-Courses and Flexi-Courses. The provisions of this Section 11 shall apply to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law. To the extent that any of the limitations of your cancellation and refund rights as described in this this Section 11 are not permitted under the applicable laws in your jurisdiction, then such limitation shall not apply to you.  [Moved here] Cancelling Participation. You may cancel your participation in any individual Session or an entire Mini-Course by providing a notice to YallaAcademy at [info@yalla.academy]. You shall not be entitled to a refund of fees paid or return of Tickets redeemed for a cancelled individual Session or entire Mini-Course, unless you cancel your participation as described above within the following timeframes:Session: No less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled Session start time.Course: No less than 72 hours prior to the schedule start time of the first Session in the Mini-Course. For Clarity, Cancellation of individual Session which are part of a Mini-Course is not permitted, and non-participation in a Sessions from a Mini-Course, requires cancellation of the entire Mini-Course.If you do not attend a Session or any Session in a Mini-Course for which you have registered without cancelling your participation strictly in accordance with the above and in the appropriate timeframe, Tickets and payment for such registration will be charged in full. Refunds for Terminated Subscription. If you terminate your Subscription and/or Cancel your participation in any Session or Mini-Course, or if you Cancel the purchase of a Flexi-Course, you shall not be entitled to a refund of any Fees paid by you in connection with your Subscription, Session and/or Mini-Course, unless otherwise provided under the applicable Plan Terms that apply to you Subscription, in these Terms or under applicable law. Additional Charges for Subscription Plan Changes. In addition, if you cancel or change a Subscription Plan for which the monthly Fees (or, in case of a yearly upfront payment Plan, the amount of the total Fees per year divided by 12), are less than the monthly price of Yalla Academy’s non-discounted, monthly Subscription Plan (“Basic Plan”), than upon termination of change of your Subscription Plan: (i) if your changed/cancelled Subscription Plan was billed monthly, you shall be required to pay an amount equal to the difference between the monthly Fees of the Basic Plan and the monthly Fees of your changed/cancelled Subscription Plan, multiplied by the number of months during which you used the Learning Service under the changed/cancelled Subscription Plan prior to the Subscription change/termination coming into effect, unless otherwise set forth in the Plan Terms of the new Subscription Plan; or (ii) if you have paid Fees upfront, any refunds you may be entitled to under your Subscription Plan (if any) shall be adjusted so that the non-refunded amount shall equal the monthly Fees of the Basic Plan, multiplied by the number of months during which you used the Learning Service under the changed/cancelled Subscription Plan prior to the Subscription change/termination coming into effect, unless otherwise set forth in the Plan Terms of the new Subscription Plan.